Tattoos on My Hands

from by UT Kirin

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sophomore spring


the worst news I've ever received in my lifetime
we were standing together at the back of the food line
you didn't want to tell me and I didn't want to know
but the second that you did I'd never been more alone
I remember that night, and I remember it vividly
her story is riddled with wild inconsistencies
she burned us alive in our broken relationship
we were never even given the chance to go down with it

I found you, you found me at eight in the morning
we'd both killed 4lokos, your Korean eyes shining
I know that we broke up just yesterday afternoon
but that won't stop us from going back to my bedroom
is Hospice too depressing? is For Emma still your favorite?
does it matter what's playing when we wake to this bullshit?
and the vagueries don't stop, and the wrists bleeding everywhere
and the sick feeling that you'll still keep me awake in five years

well it certainly feels like we missed out on something
cause most people never find what we had by twenty
undressing each other in George Bush State Park
is as close as we'll come to knowing what we are
I refuse to keep talking, I refuse to be friends
and I refuse to believe this is how it should end
I'll go out next weekend, tattooed on my hands
in all caps: do not go home with her again


from Wry Side of Paradise, released July 24, 2016



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