Fluent in Python

from by UT Kirin

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junior fall


the hell I will, the rooftop's quite a deal
it's been a while, I've been well, I've never been a heel
I demand respect now, I am older, count the fucks I give
and I spare all emotional expense now, care for no one
it's a bitter time to tell 'em writings all I want from now on
did you read it? never been to Stanford
probably on album one
course he likes her, course she likes him
not a fan? mind if I try then?
morning with Odd Future, falling
met last weekend, official Thursday

have you ever been to ACL alone?
in a downpour? with a broken ipod?
have you been trapped in an elevator stoned?
gone straight home? and not woken up?
Bangalore's in store for more October swan-songs with her roommates
new tattoo's old news and fodder for post-sex afternoon daydream debates
here's your senior year- I'm in it
summer's what I fear- don't sweat it
what's the cheapest beer? racked Frio
what's your midterm score? not zero
captivate me, make me want it
Chinese wedding dress was on point
151 makes me vomit
two years happened hope I won it
I hope I won it

and when the lights when out campus wide
we lit candles, and wrapped ourselves in blankets
and when the fire alarm went off on the roof
we came out as couples, hushing, huddled up
and when the cops came and pounded on his door
we laughed, we did not understand
and when he drove back to New York this time for good
we cried
we understood

Sally's hedging, friends are splitting
the tome of what excited me is thinning
I have failed at my goal to forever be nineteen years-old
and just how long will I have my eye on girls that are fluent in python?
you're a true American, you're what I need
and I'm sorry your parents would never want me
we're just a Thanksgiving hail storm away
from being forced to stay, and that's all I want today
cause I am less young than I've ever been
and my best month is now behind me
so let's be cute as long as we like what we see
in the mirror of where you lived in year three


from Wry Side of Paradise, released July 24, 2016



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