George Washington's Quarters

from by UT Kirin

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junior summer


you were in Seattle for a summer jaunt in coding
cracking into new haunts, not deciding if we had it in us not to fuck up
so we fucked and up I went in two dimensions
walking seven miles back and singing Modest Mouse alongside Lake Sammamish

I was in New Haven for a summer jaunt in lying
breaking into hew hearts, not deciding if I had it in me not to give up
so I rode to Rye each friday afternoon
to smoke some weed while staring clear across the Sound at daisy's room

don't scream at me
I'd like to be
the only one who isn't crazy yelling in Manhattan streets
at 1:30
last train's at 1:53
there's vomit on my sperrys and those kids won't stop berating me

we were in New Hampshire for a lox and bagel weekend
where the lawyers keep their cabins back behind a wife and children
so I drank the beers and wrote upstairs where pieces of a fiction
that unfolded in my lap began unfolding out the window

why are you the only one who doesn't want
to be at this god damn symposium
can we go run for bars?
I'm trying to make sense of what to think of you
we'll live in George Washington's quarters
dinner's ready, you look lovely darling


from Wry Side of Paradise, released July 24, 2016



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