General Chemistry

from by UT Kirin

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freshman fall


I spent 17 years in a coma in New Jersey
and I went to a high school where few people liked me
got taller, still skinny, California, no kidding
I now throw computers through windows for a living
the future me called, I was instructed to fuck this
they said you can go anywhere, he said Texas
I flew there in August, straight A's in my pocket
and I walked through entrance twenty-three into college

Jennifer, oh how I miss my salad days
where I can always find you
drinking tapioca
I fell apart for eighteen-year-old girls in general chemistry
and black framed glasses
whose parents came from China

take pictures on your iphone, your phonetics are inviting
the way you say those low front a's makes me think you're from Carolina
Thursday night my life will open, and Friday I'll be mad hungover
Saturday you'll close it back up, so give me shots of 151

three C's on three exams later
you talked me down at lunch
when I said I'd drop out and become a waiter
I can't believe that it's October
I feel old
I feel younger than before I got here

so who's around? just throw 'em down
I'm trying to get over to Brown
and brown out, that's ideal, no?
how can I dance if I'm too sober?
yeah she was a junior, and a don't wannabe k-pop dancer
electrical engineer and late-night crossfaded romancer

all these sophomores skewed my curve up
and all these clubs, why did I sign up?
and all these nights you helped me throw up
I'm lucky I still had a bro up
and why do all my functions blow up?
and why do I refuse to grow up?
and why didn't you ever show up?
you never show up
you fucked it all up


from Wry Side of Paradise, released July 24, 2016



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