Dripping Red Sangria

from by UT Kirin

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senior fall


and he was your grandfather's Kanye
take statistical mechanics, take drugs, eat in the servery every day
there's a roof out the window, there are South Americans
smoking spliff after spliff after spliff after spliff and I love it
whatcha doing next year kid?
next Friday night?
and tomorrow?
because this wry side of paradise will die within you
so be in it
and write it down

I'm smiling, faded, dripping red sangria
take me to the taqueria
late nights at La Tapatilla
downing eight buck margaritas
drowning, where does next year take this
story doesn't end just different
twenty-one is awful, makes no difference, I'm immortal
I'm the only one who isn't eighteen
buy a violin while blackout, crawl into a dream
emerge from within an erotic Chinese fantasy just to see
that Houston's where I now call home
but Austin's where I halloween
I'll play my face off, sing the song
I can't go wrong, I can't go wrong
I'm likely wrong, I played it wrong
don't know what I'm set up to want
and I spare all emotional expense now, care for no one
that's what I say, right?
that's right, that's how it is, no ands or ifs
and if you make me out to be a freshman once more
I promise I'll show you all the tricks that I thought that I had known before
and I will kick in the door, and I will kick through the world
and I will realize in time there's nothing to be done for her
so let's have Christmas in September
cheers to a night we won't remember
and take the greatest snapchat ever taken
and then forget to send it (shit)


from Wry Side of Paradise, released July 24, 2016



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