SF is Fine

by UT Kirin

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released January 21, 2016

All music, lyrics and production by Benjamin Huber-Rodriguez, with additional vocals by Benjamin Hirsch on 'Straight Shooter'.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: East Asia
What do you do here?
And who do you work with?
I’m trying to get them to kick me out
But it isn’t quite working

We got Kashmiri glass
And some Nepalese shirts
I had a goddamn reservation
That’s an Indian joke
Are you lost in the stacks?
Of the East Asian collection?
Did your internship offer?
Did you finish your master’s?
How’s the rent up in Richmond?
You’re your parents disaster

Can your tiger hat protect you from the ocean?
Walk across the bay bridge tied to who you think you’ll die with
They say Outer Sunset's cute
Kids on MacBooks in their bedrooms
That’s what I want I guess?
Eat in cafes - san francisco
Take a trip up to Astoria
Afraid there’s nothing left here for ya
Is this new life worth it to ya
Have a beer here kid you've earned it

Come on then, let’s off to New Zealand
Christchurch would be perfect, is that what you’re thinking
I’d bartend, and you’d work in a florist
I wish that I could tell you that it’s what I wanted

Fuck art history
Take your clothes off please
Take shots in the kitchen
When we heard shots back at UC

When will this all end dear
Maybe I will die here
Newsfeeds would be tragic
Isn’t that romantic
Track Name: The King of Palo Alto
Take a 40 with you on the Pittsburg Line
Forty times I told you that we’ll be just fine
All this constant barking I abandoned my ears
Dad’s a slave to mom, mom’s a slave to wine

When I stumble home there will be no cheers
If you get in trouble meet me back right here
We’re the kings and queens of Palo Alto
Don’t you ask again where I’ll be next year

I’ve got no complaints I’m a privileged bastard
Buy me into Stanford I just gotta ask them
Major in CS join an asian frat house
I don’t give a shit I just wanna pass out

Aren’t these treelined streets what you moved here for?
Look like prison bars from the 2nd floor
Did you plan your escape out to MIT?
Tell me how is life on the other shore

If I strain my eyes I can hear the sea
Birds are cracking jokes and laughing at me
I would crack their necks if it was cool to be violent
You steel your nerves and I’ll steal the keys

Will you look me up when you've made it out there?
If I’m still alive I’ll come find you I swear
I might be the King of Palo Alto
I hope I never find out
Track Name: Chinese American
Girl in the yale sweater
Why did you come out to contra costa?
Was it the warmer than average weather
Or cause New Haven's as dry as Sonoma
I don't doubt you
I'd just like to know about you
Was your father a wealthy wall street investor?
Takes the train in at quarter to seven
Sister's a senior in kappa kappa
You weren't about that, preferred marijuana
Backpack with frayed straps
Headphones on Telegraph
What's in your ears?
"Trans-era death cab"
Sixteen was rough but now you're in sixteen
Hours of french literature and art histroy
Two anchor steams to go you can show me your glow
Speak on the phone to your folks back at home
In chinese american

The west coast is rich with violins
But you had to quit cause you were too violent
You were a riot

Your great grandfather was payed by the mile
Lined Vanderbilt's pockets and lined up to die in the desert
So who had it better?

Girl in the yale sweater
I never saw you in the spring semester
I hope that Pascal and pastells weren't too stressful
I choose to believe you're abroad a la rive gauche
Track Name: Wyoming
You say that SF is no place for you
Move in by yourself and you’re cosigning to bad news
Twin peaks is nice I know that you like the views
But when the rent’s due?

You say the west coast is no place for you
Fall apart out here and you’ll praying with Hindus
Tell yourself it’s only two more years, and you’ll make do
Then write an album of fuck yous

Late on a Friday, I called you, get ready
I’ll be there in fifteen you’d better look pretty
You hear that? The sound of your youthfulness drowning
We’ve got to get out I’ll head northeast til morning

You woke up in Wyoming, sky frozen, unmoving
Please say you love me, this plan's no undoing
Let’s build a cabin and live unassuming
We may not be soulmates but better than nothing
Track Name: Pledge to Millennials
Let’s drive up to Marin where we’ll all go a tasting
And forget of the wasteland that we will leave behind
Where we lie to our fathers and ignore our mothers
How can they never get it, don’t they read their news online?
Make me breakfast, make me children, let me
Peer at the future let me, stitch up the sutures, I’m a muslim too at heart
Make diverse friends, speak your kindness, draw a blind eye to the blindness
It’s my overwhelming whiteness that is setting me apart
Make me offers, I’m informed now, NPR’s on every morning
Will I move on up to Portland? That’s for Pitchfork to decide
I’ve get every open door now aren’t you jealous of my background?
Japanese girl in the flowers, guess I made it, I’ll be fucked by 29
Track Name: Clarendon Heights
And we sailed!
To the tallest tower
To the best Vietnamese in the Castro
The bay's a mighty fine blue place to drown
Can you see San Rafael?
Can you see Oakland?
Somewhere in the Mission you found parking
And I won't let this wind sweep us away again
See Outer Sunset?
That's where we're living
And that's where we're dying we're dying we're dyinig we're dying
Track Name: Straight Shooter
Take all of your bad blood and drive down to Monterrey
Hands full of mushrooms and something like peyote
They say it's raining and I say there's no way
No one's gonna fuck me up unless it's me
What was the name I told you my name was?
Was it the name I use when I buy drugs?
Think that you're fine right now wait til 10 of
Try walking down Market with your eyes up

Streetcars and riders who's your supplier?
Lucy's arrived now don't touch me I'm wired
Meanwhile I'm thinking of how many miles
It takes to get away from a mind that's on fire
Take two of these to make sure that it kicks in
Wash it all down with this 5 dollar dry gin
Did you forget to turn in that assignment?
Did you really think you were meant for refinement?

Heroin- poison kids,
Reagan's war- never won,
Fathers' daughters, mothers' sons,
Found the gun, found face down, twenty-one
Track Name: Fireball
And when I crossed into the city for the first time
There were clouds of pink like drug trip fodder reflecting sunset into my eyes
I wasn’t paralyzed but focused on the address that I had in mind
Up on Corona Heights where they were shooting FireBall
It all began and you were two ahead my heart was racing
What was in that bowl you lit he told me "that’s that west coast shit you’re tasting
How’s your life down on the south side? East of Shattuck? Not a bad ride
We are now your social life so better get used to the drive
What’s that you say? You’ll be engaged soon? Big mistake you’re 22
Meet some UCSF girls and tell me how much that ring means to you
You’re going to a club tonight this dj's tight
My friend molly’s coming gameplan is to all roll out at nine
And if you think you’re going back to Berkeley you’re mistaken
Cause SF is where it’s at now stop delaying let’s get wasted"

And when I saw the fatal car crash that had left your girlfriend single
I thought back to all the times you told me that you’d live forever
How you feeling goddamn bastard had to get home by eleven
Last text that you sent me said "I really hope that you’re still coming
Cause I just fought with Jane again she lyfted to financial district
And now I’m stranded here at Kilowatt and there’s talk of scoring crystals
Do you think that you’d be down?" Well I think if I’d been around
I would be laughing and not staring at you in the ground
Track Name: Fifteen
Take some time off, go up to Tahoe
Have you ever, seen such a fine (white) snow
You’ve been acting insane, you know we love you
And if she can’t move here, you know we won’t stop you

Did you really think, it'd all come so easy?
Here’s your paycheck, here’s your degree, go off get married
When these castle walls you imagined come toppling down
Who do you think will bury your sword in the ground?

What are you fighting for? This isn’t war, it’s young adulthood get your shit together
You think some how this western world will turn your girl into something wetter (better)
What’s the plan, think you can make it, what have you done, and who depends on you?
Fly to Syria for the New York Times, come back alive and tell me what’s true

If I change my mind, say sure I’ll take it Santa Clara suburbs here I come
Will I still be able to raise five kids that I can be proud of?
And will they age and say hey SF Isn’t Fine it’s a course on fifteen
But fifteen is the year that I met you, and SF’s where we’ll be, you and me
Track Name: SF is Fine
How can I stare at a traffic light pounded by rain
And these grey skies look more dismal every day
I remember the blue was unreal as I started
Day fifteen was so hot the said take extra water
With Is This It delivered to my ears
Like a roll call, and no one could tell you
What to make of this twenty-one year old
Singing a Strokes song and walking alongside

The highway how much better could my life have gotten
But now when I look at the houses I’ve spotted
On hills I wonder have they seen sites
That are empty I only see them in memories
And I stare at the pavement and I stare at my homework
And I try to make myself do a little work
But these temptations they make it unbearable
To live in this state when I probably peaked last year

I went to the Mission stoned and I found there
Five asian girls that I had met before
And all of the newest Twitter programmers
Stripped them of their boyfriends by acting like assholes

They say that SF is the place if you’re
Smart and liberal and twenty-three of twenty-four
But I don’t feel it that way, the way that my friends do
It’s probably me but I’d up for the bayou
So that I could ditch these fancy drugs
And drink myself silly on a porch while I strum
And hate myself for leaving and hate you for telling
Me that it’s all fine and it’s all fine and I swear that I'm fine